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Footfall Counting & Analysis

One of the key parameters in measuring your customers’ interest in shopping with you, is their footfall into your store and its frequency. Retailers may conduct marketing campaigns and advertise their products. The first and the most important parameter which can show the success or failure of the marketing campaign is the “Footfall” into the stores.


Baryons’ Footfall and Analytics solution is based on a face recognition system that uses the video captured by cameras at the entrance of your store. The system does not require any specific behavior from the visitor to be recognized. Also, there is no tag based counting or other enablers involved. Hence our solution provides a reliable count of the people visiting your store. It can easily identify duplicates and multiple visits.

Based on the collected Footfall Data, we have several analytical solutions to monitor customer visit related data, such as, duration of time-spent, frequency of visits, etc.

Baryons delivers a retail solution that can serve the needs of every kind of organization, ranging from SME to Enterprise

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