- Heidi-Hayes Jacobs Teachers need to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum instead of viewing it as an add-on, an after thought, or an event

School in a Click - An Education ERP with a difference

Educational Institutions are as complex as large enterprises and Inter-department information exchange can be a challenge. Explore how School in a Click (SIAC), an Education ERP tool can eliminate inconsistencies in the operational efficiency.

Let us assume that the data for an institution comprises of “student–teacher”, “teacher–teacher”, “teacher–parents”, “parents–school admin” - these relationships are as complex as any other data objects’ relationship in an enterprise.

Resolving such real-time information exchange can help institutions eliminate unnecessary delays and resource deployment. Aimed at resolving data exchange across departments in schools, colleges, and learning centres, SIAB offers a centralized eLearning database system and develop reports as personal copies without affecting the original.

School Management System | School Time Table Management System

Baryons is an online software solution providers in India.

School in a Click (SIAC)

  • An Integrated system that eliminates the need for managing multiple platforms
  • No data duplication in different systems
  • Longevity and Durability
  • Easier access - Credentials works across departments

Implementation Cycle - From Institution Research to Actual Deployment

Following a phased approach, the entire implementation life cycle inculcates deep analysis of the institution’s information. Subsequently, identifying customization scope and deploying the pre-packaged product can be separately classified for better monitoring.

School Management System | School Time Table Management System

A wide range of modules makes SIAC an “All-In-One-Click” solution

Human Resource Management

  • Data for all employees can be centrally monitored by the Principal or any other authority Managing employees – register new and track existing
  • Monitoring Attendance & Leave
  • Payroll, Allowances and financial Management Tracking of every employee’s performance and credibility

School Management

  • Besides General Administration, Academic Curricula Management can be done for storing Syllabi and allied co-curricular activities data.
  • Student’s performance, their leaves, queries and marks can be stored.
  • Ultimately, data from exams such as staff to be on duty, question paper setting, date sheets etc. can also be maintained.

Student-Teacher Community

  • Content Management System (CMS) based Website Intranet Portal with Group, Blog, Discussion Forum etc. to engage Students and Teaching Community
  • Extranet Portal with Group, Blog, Discussion Forum etc. to engage Parents and Alumni


  • Helps students seek instant access to an extensive knowledge base of Quizzes, Competitions, Certificates and others.
  • Course details and other important information can help in Self Learning.

Facility Management

  • It tracks complete visitor movement inside the premises.
  • It also creates Call Register details, Assets Register and Movement & Maintenance Staff Duty Roaster details
School Management System | School Time Table Management System

The SIAC difference - A Single backend to capture data

ERP systems have an attested history of revolutionizing the internal data communication of an enterprise. Implementing the same model for institutions, SIAB ensures only required data is viewed and manipulated easily at the front end, by many users across departments.

Faster processing and efficient decision making

Higher ROI yield

Meeting all user expectations centrally

This was just a glimpse of the tool.
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