The strength of a business depends upon their human capital – as they are the most valuable asset. Recruiting and selecting the right individual is crucial to any business. Each organization follows its own particular policies and procedures to hire the right talent but the entire operational overhead required in handling and managing resume submissions manually reduces the pace and effectiveness of talent search.

Baryons industry-leading Recruitment Management software helps you to track job openings, resumes, candidates, contacts, interviews and making offers - more quickly and efficiently. This allows recruiting HR professionals to spend less time on the process and paperwork and more time doing what they do best: getting the right candidate.

Baryons Recruitment Management software gives you an edge

Baryons recruitment management solution gives you an edge over your competitors.

Baryons recruitment management solution gives you an edge over your competitors.

Key Features

Baryons Recruitment Software helps you to receive the resumes online from multiple sources and manage them from a single place.

Populate resumes from external resume sources like social sites more quickly than ever.

Integration with the Baryons’ Workforce Enterprise for new hire record creation

Allow you to track all your scheduled test and Interviews

Enforces good recruitment process, and ensures that your team completes mandatory steps every time including Job description/specification, requisition, approval and posting


  • Helpful to reduce the time it takes to hire the right people
    Baryons provides software solutions for BPO companies.
  • Enhances company image as an attractive and cutting edge organization
    Baryons software application supports your business to fulfill all its recruitment objectives.
  • Support your business to fulfill all its Recruitment objectives
    Baryons is one of the best Software solution outsourcing companies in India.
  • Streamlined, faster, and more efficient recruitment processes
  • Enhances workforce quality
  • Optimize workflows by giving all recruiters access to centralized resume database and files
  • Make more placements and screen more candidates in less time