Connect and Audit Portal

Simple, effective and automatic auditing for better customer satisfaction. Connecting with your registered stores is just a tap away!

Marketing Module

A prosperous brand is strengthened by growth from inside to outside and by maintaining a continuous relationship with not only external but internal assets as well. Products are displayed at the front-end stores and outlets and a strategic check on their performance ensures better BTL Marketing Activities Management and appropriate positioning in the competition.

However, with no such direct tool for brisk processing, QA teams have difficulty in identifying actual ambiguous points in brand building.

The results in ambiguous branding and no scope of quality check and remedy. The Connect & Audit Portal (CAP) from Baryons, is a comprehensive audit management software which creates a seamless workflow for the auditors to directly communicate with the licensed stores and exclusive outlets; monitor their performance and decide required ratings.

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The Store Connect application is an interface between concentric marketing & QA teams and the store managers.

Store Connect App

Connect and Exchange Real-time Updates

The Store Connect application is an interface between concentric marketing & QA teams and the store managers. The marketing teams will be able to convey timely updates about the products, newsletters, time-constrained offers, alerts, announcements and promotions which ensures timely implementation.

Parallelly, the stores can revert with compliance-related feedback and any other queries they face. Communication that would be of outmost importance for the QA teams in terms of evidence upload, geo tracking, compliance calculation, rewards management.

Connect & Audit App - Deeper diagnosis and Lesser Resources

Also available as a mobile app, CAP offers a central control over all the stores while launching an audit for either a few or to all stores in a geographic location.

Questionnaire to ensure brand guidelines is followed, is sent out to the targeted store managers.

Area Executives conduct rating and the Area Managers perform final assessment before submitting it to the audit source.

Ultimately, the quality leads directly access the audit details in the form of analytic reports generated by CAP.

The Benefits of CAP + Mobile App

By combining both - CAP as a mobile app lets you run audits regularly while involving the staff. This helps curb costs to an external agency and establishes communication channel at both ends. Subsequently, regular exchange and addressal of grievances can elevate the overall quality assurance process.

Ability to look into a store’s history and take relevant actions

Optimize operational expenditure and boost ROI

No manual auditing or real time visiting required

Attested accuracy of information submitted

Conduct repeated audits

A training module can be added on to CAP that lets you centrally broadcast training and course material to all the stores including latest techniques about pitching your product in an appropriate way. This covers instructional videos, case studies, quizzes, and certification-specific material.

Store auditing is a critical task for achieving business objectives, financial reporting and making amendments to the store licensing policies. While fraud cases have taken a toll, you may not want to risk your brand’s positive perception.

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