Daniel Keys Moran You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data. You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.

Data Analytics

Defeat unpredictable business inconsistencies by data visualization through Smarter Data Analytics and BI approach. Enterprises need to derive the most useful knowledge out of business data from different sources. The challenge is the inability to capture information at the appropriate time.

Eliminating them all, Baryons’ Data Analytics Services capability uses leading-edge Big Data solutions so that our customers can perform conditional visualization of data faster and sooner than others. Such optimal knowledge has helped our customers in reducing additional resources consumption. Besides, effective decision making driven by accurate information and ultimately offering On Demand solution delivery makes huge difference.

Unclear Business Objectives

Technology evolution readiness

Inefficient ETL processes cause data unloading delays

Cumbersome multiplatform management

A Multi-Layer Solution Reference Architechture

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Baryons' Enterprise Mobility Solution helps you carve effective mobile strategy and develop applications.

The implementation follows a phased approach that includes market/industry research about your business, the targeted outcomes, and the gaps to be filled. Intricate focus bestowed for continuous interaction between the client team and our SMEs, consultants and architects to ensure goal realignment and course correction, as required. Post successful deployment, you shall be able to:

Generate periodic reports on key statistics

Provide ad-hoc reports to enable drilled-down analysis

Facilitate modeling/simulation of scenarios and carry out What-If analysis and advanced Predictive Analytics.

Why Baryons?

Armed with the latest framework experience coupled with lab-tested solutions, we strive to achieve a clear understanding of the cost to deploy and deliver nuanced solutions. With your core practices in mind, we help harness Big Data and derive a helpful knowledge base that could further be used to visualize selective data sets.

Efficient consumption of Data analytics and Business Intelligence with remarkable outcomes

We offer unparalleled enterprise advantage with Baryons’ Data Analytics, BI and Big Data competencies

scalability achieved across functional and data-volume dimensions using data analytics services and BI

Scalability achieved across functional and data-volume dimensions by data analytics and BI

The product set has products ranging from Open Source Products to industry leading COTS software, enabling optimal understanding of the framework in stipulated Budget vis-a-vis performance requirements

Minimum Risk strategy for mitigating impact on run time performances

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