Media Systems Integration

Rack up your Media streaming and associated data with agile analytics systems through astute integration!

Videos are an integral form of media and drive user engagements across the web to promote businesses, opinions, and campaigns. Baryons augments the integration between Media data and the analytics system by developing robust platforms.

Two of the anchoring services under this umbrella are

Online video Publishing

Baryons offer an interface portal to play live videos and ultimately control associated data for the backend systems. Be it ticketing, subscription management or distributing movies, the portal lets you pitch your paid video content to an extensive set of audience that contributes by sharing and making it viral.

Entirely dedicated for promoting your films, the platform is embedded with insightful features

  • Content sharing support – Tagging and advertising support
    Baryons offer an interface portal to play live videos and ultimately control associated data for the back end systems.
  • Supporting all formats
    Baryons' media streaming platform supports all formats.
  • Advanced Search capabilities
    Rack up your Media streaming and associated data with agile analytics systems at Baryons.
More than just playing videos

The online video publishing portal

Streaming Scalability

Drives high loads of video streaming without chocking your internet bandwidth through HTTP Live Streaming technology

Copyright Protection

Ensures content protection and confidentiality through ‘Piracy Control’ features achieved through Google Widevine, Marlin, Adobe Access

Seamless Integration

BrightCove, Kalthura, Red5 and Wowza platforms integrate seamlessly with Baryons’ streaming portal

Trailer Campaign Management

Film trailers played in theatres have become a significant tool to kick-off marketing activity weeks prior to actual release. While it caters to a sea of audience across locations, capturing the campaign data and processing it for smarter analysis could be a revolutionary idea.

Tapping the same, Baryons offers a strategic approach at managing the film trailers being played in various cinema theatres. Subsequently, data such as total number of viewers, no of times the trailer played, audience responses, etc. can be fetched from all and put together for the distribution agency

How it works?

The administrator is equipped with required master data such as associated theatres, their managers, projectionists, screens and shows.

  • Various user roles such as Planners, reviewers and managers are identified and notified for the campaign.
    Baryons is the leading open source development company in India.
  • Upon approval, the trailer campaign plan structured so far is sent out to the theatre managers.
  • Ultimately, reporting analysis of trailer viewership at various levels such as theatre, city and state are acknowledged back.
    Baryons provides media systems integration services in India.
  • Based on provided information such as current trailers playing, available slots etc, the administrator can schedule trailer shows for a range of theatres. Selective scheduling can also be performed.
    Baryons offers media streaming solutions.
  • The campaign planning done so far is further fed with viewership data (playing movie, city, state, theatre, timings etc) fetched from ticketing tools. Automated mapping is performed.

And it accounts for the following attested benefits

Analysis data generated can be further utilized to enhance advertising campaigns

Accurate data fetched - where and how many times a trailer was launched

More effective monetization mechanisms based on trailer impressions

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