Big Data & Hadoop

Capture transform and convert large data sets into actionable intelligence.

Managing large sets of unstructured data was unutilized for long until Big Data happened and changed the game. Zillions of bytes of potentially useful data is being generated and exchanged amongst devices. Enterprises had been locking horns with traditional processing capabilities that had limited penetration within a complex mesh of data objects.

Baryons has a good knowledge base and is adept at harnessing Hadoop and resolving complicated data processing requirements

Transforming multi-format objects to actionable data

Our Big Data practices help gain competitive advantage via optimal processing, distilling it to relevant data that can be used to acheive smarter business analysis.

  • Transactional Analysis
    Risk assessment for boosting transparency in digital transactions; executed in large volumes every day in Retail, Banking and Insurance
    Baryons has a good knowledge at harnessing Hadoop and resolving complicated data processing requirements.
  • CRM Analysis
    Capturing customer response data and aligning it for satisfaction analysis, KYC Compliance, predicting interests and others
    Baryons provides big data solutions in Bangalore.
  • Log Analysis
    Log data for checking real time bugs of critical impact. Benefited areas could be database servers, Network data, Electric power station and sub-station, Transmission systems, Mobile Telecom tower, Chemical plants and others
    Baryons provides big data solution for bpo companies.
  • Geographic Analysis
    Better accuracy at predicting location based services such as Traffic and Congestion Alerts, Target Advertisements and Mobile User Clustering
    Baryons is the big data analytics outsourcing companies in India.

Implementation Life Cycle - Phased approach for better understanding

Baryons offers hadoop analytics solution.

Baryons offers hadoop analytics solution.


A thorough walk through the ardent need of Big Data and its business impact are commenced. Subsequently, areas of potential improvement are identified and a surge in expected ROI is defined.

Solution Definition

Designing Solution Architecture based on prior learning and derivations about the business process and the gaps to be filled. Followed by POC development and ultimately final round of changes to the solution based on POC learning. Defining SOW, project plans etc.

Solution Implementation

The actual phase of core research and development applying different resources is conducted. Right from hardware / software procurement to final phase of producing actionable data, it is the longest phase.

Post Deployment

Here, enhancements are done after end user testing and real time bugs checked as a part of our extended services.

Baryons is the leading hadoop analytics solution providers.

Baryons is the leading hadoop analytics solution providers.

The Big Data Advantage

Risk Inoculation

Risk minimization by controlling unplanned events and consequences

Predictive Decision

Accurate predicting for effective decisions

Cost Mitigation

Drastic reduction in unpredictable costs of software maintenance


Smarter software features offering optimal services for greater ROI

Time To Market

Faster time to market with accurate revenue forecasting

Reach our Big Data experts to seek valuable insights on the improvised business outcome you could get.