Bill Gates Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering laptop

Application & Product Engineering

Address growing technology challenges with leading-edge developments, minimizing cross platform complications and targeting turnaround in business outcomes. Software ought to be fed with innovation for optimized functions and greater results. While businesses grow, managing cross-IT solutions gets complex and it is

even more imperative to fit in the fast-paced and competitive markets. Baryons comprehensive suite of Application & Product Engineering work across verticals for simpler information access and faster processing.

Business objectives definition & Dynamic scenario behavior

Heterogeneous Platforms

Post-Deployment Enhancements

Abbreviated Operational and Maintenance Costs

As a part of our core business operations, we focus on

Proven track record in developing applications using latest technology and secure applications:


Full scale development inculcating designing, database connectivity and front end development with intricate focus on tuned coding practices and developer testing of the application.

Application Migration

Cross platform integrations for secure migration of large volumes of data. Risk Mitigation and Managing run time outages. Modernization through cloud, mobile and Web enablement.


Areas of re-engineering recognized and their feasibility to handle changes assessed. Followed by technology selection, architecture redesigning and analyzing integration requirements.


Integrating with legacy systems after thorough strategy building. Design & Implement Web Service interfaces, Data Interchange interfaces for database level integrations and others.

Agile methodology services Baryons@2x

Development Technologies

Baryons offers agile methodology services in India.

The Big Data Advantage

While every line of code is a potential source of unaffordable run-time errors, we at Baryons are driven by R&D executed in routine. A wide variety of Application & Product Engineering projects completed in stipulated commitments, we look forward to strengthening lasting relationships with our customer turned associates.

Risk Inoculation

Focus on risk check and impact management

Reusable products with shorter time to market

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