An employee appraisal system is something everyone working in a company takes for granted. They are structured either quarterly, half yearly, or yearly depending on the company policy. Employees know that their growth and future in the company is dependent on it. But do they use it as a tool towards self-improvement and as a means to grow their skills? (more…)

A graduate fresher in his/her early twenties receives an offer letter from a software company and is on top of the world and is the toast of their family and friends. The route to economic freedom and security is paved with long hours, learning the ways of the workplace and climbing the corporate ladder. This growth, of course, takes a few years to realize and by the time our erstwhile fresher is in their late twenties, they realize that their prosperity (more…)

Smart Cities in India

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A smart city conjures a picture of highly networked systems working in tandem to increase quality of life for its citizens in terms of good infrastructure. It includes interlinking of various systems such as traffic systems, vehicle tracking, safety and security crime prevention and redressal, electricity generation and distribution, hospitals, schools, residential and commercial development, public transport, healthcare system, conservation (more…)

5 effective tips you have been ignoring

iOS puts forward an excellent portfolio of design features for mobile apps. Being highly user friendly, (more…)

You are missing out on these business advantages

E-Learning started as an alternative mode of delivering small scale tutorials and has emerged into a valuable tool for workforce development and conducting courses of superlative professional significance. Digitalization of business processes is doing exceedingly well, and so as Online Learning. (more…)

More than half a billion devices are expected to go online soon. Securing this vast mesh of connected devices will encourage more temptation for illegitimate access and data theft. Internet of Things is no more awaited and has businesses adopting it already. It’s high time now that security has its say on the budget.
Before hiring a security expert, understand the following. (more…)

This is why it will stay ERP revolutionized industrial practices due to cost advantage and the ability to connect instantly with business systems. While Schools, Colleges and other institutions face difficulties in cross departmental communication, ERP goes a step ahead and cuts down on the need to maintain software tools on every system. Here are more use cases.. (more…)

In this day and age, all businesses big or small need to have an online presence. The marketplace has exploded to include online buying in both websites and mobile apps. Consumers are internet savvy and lifestyles have dictated that a lot of information consumption happens online.

Whatever business sector you may be in, however well established your product line may be, your current and would-be customers will be interested in checking your business and its offerings on the Internet, simply because it is one of the easiest ways to do so for your customer. (more…)

A look at most advertisements, be it digital and/or television based, seem to urge you to download their mobile app and sample their product or service. Likely this step comes after exhibiting the superior qualities and the USP that a product offers to their customers. Most customers browse predominantly through their smartphones, both for information and purchase purposes. It does not matter what size your company is or how many products your line up supports. (more…)

Staff Outsourcing offers numerous perks to tap upon; achieve stringent delivery time frames, reduced HR burden, costs minimization, and access to qualified resources anytime. It has saved many projects and tempted many consulting groups to try it. However, overlooked gaps can delve you in numerous inconsistencies. Outsourced Staffing has its share of drawback and quitting the model is no solution. Only skillful execution followed by astute risk management can do wonders