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Staff Outsourcing offers numerous perks to tap upon; achieve stringent delivery time frames, reduced HR burden, costs minimization, and access to qualified resources anytime. It has saved many projects and tempted many consulting groups to try it. However, overlooked gaps can delve you in numerous inconsistencies. Outsourced Staffing has its share of drawback and quitting the model is no solution. Only skillful execution followed by astute risk management can do wonders

Before plunging at the model, learn what you could fall prey to:

You may lose control over the outsourced staff
Excessive dependency on the vendor for staff augmentation can impact direct control. Consider a case where the project has a hybrid team model including resources from your company and the vendor. Any ignorance in standardization of policies can create conflicts on parameters of working routines, delivery commitments, etc. Thus, a centralized model has to be implemented to sustain sync between all team members. Remember, you are paying for the outsourced staff that follows your policies minus the grievances.

You end up closing the agreement in haste

Especially in cases where the need for resources is purely extempore! Just for the sake of saving the project, you want more resources at any cost and unwillingly commit to policies that don’t complement the requirements. A fine example where you agree for a different holiday calendar for the outsourced staff while your own client follows a different schedule is a common instability.

This is a classic case of Immediate Resource hiring versus assured longevity.

Leaked information and lost confidentiality

You can’t get qualified resources to work without providing complete access to the systems, current team dynamics and the overall procedure followed in your company. As the project progresses, your new staff may derive speculative conclusions out of the sensitive information often shared by the internal employees. The company’s exact organizational structure, grievance handling, actual working procedure versus pitched to the client, etc. are all vulnerable info to put you under scanner.

Inflexible services sharing

Either everything or nothing is a primitive practice but sadly many of us are still entangled. Outsourcing all functions to the vendor can devalue your credibility in taking crucial decisions. Keep some key processes in your control such as working hours, performance monitoring and above all, the decision of extending or shortening an employee’s role in the project. Let the vendor control payroll processing and related issues.

As the first step, look out for an adept staff outsourcing or augmentation company with substantial experience in managing resources. Probe as much as you can and let the company analyze your project life cycle.

By explaining your expectations in detail, a long lasting deal could be executed.

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