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Saturday, 17 July 2021 / Published in Big Data

Advanced Business Analytics are no more confined to the Fortune 500 organization alone. With Big Data, SME segment has plunged at the opportunity and harnessed the best from multiple data sources. However, they commit mistakes and ponder if something else could have been done. While expectations from technology tend to grow, here’s what you need to follow for an effective Big Data strategy. (more…)

Staff Augumentation
Thursday, 17 June 2021 / Published in Services

Tightly scheduled implementation, new business opportunity and the HR is not so cool with IT understanding makes alternatives necessary. Getting resources at the 11th hour to kill delays sounds magical and that’s what Staff Augmentation does. Getting domain specific people on demand can sustain your claims for continuous workforce provision and may extend project association scope. (more…)

Wednesday, 05 May 2021 / Published in Mobility

Handheld devices are the new computing systems with their significance taking a leap beyond gaming and messaging. Intricate applications are being run as apps that handle entire sales activity efficiently. With SAP venturing into C4C mobile CRM along with many others, the competency of the small screen is well indicated.

Below is the glimpse at some of the lucrative features it garners for your business.

  1. Instant access to data

A CRM tool helps access handy information from a centralized database.


managed services
Monday, 05 April 2021 / Published in Services

Trends evolve and it is equally important to pause and analyze the emerging areas. Managed Services blended with Offshore Delivery Center (ODC) model have successfully augmented new concepts across implementations and deliverables. 2016 will host some exciting seminars across technologies and Staff Augmentation in sync with professional Managed Services is hugely anticipated. (more…)

ecommerce trends
Friday, 05 March 2021 / Published in e-Commerce

More than 50% of online buyers have steered their preference for super rich experience than crawling for cheaper products. E-commerce development is maturing into a critical task at hand, raising end user expectation for more transparency and authenticity bestowed. The biggest of brands want to sell online with exclusive features and customer satisfaction. (more…)

Wednesday, 03 February 2021 / Published in Big Data

Companies have spent millions of dollars in marketing, running attractive ADs and campaigns to promote their niche. However, there is a wide chasm in the traditional marketing strategies – how can the company gauge the effectiveness of its marketing efforts?

Big Data provides opportunities for marketers to add the missing math to their creativity. Marketers can analyze data to attach significant results to their brand building exercises. These valuable insights can help organizations to take informed sales and marketing decisions. (more…)

Sunday, 03 January 2021 / Published in Big Data

Extensively high volumes of data and the innovative solutions to handle them are disrupting traditional approach towards its utilization, management and analytics. Businesses across multiple industries are latching on fast to these new-order technologies that promise to give them a competitive edge via advanced data analytics and deeper insights.

It is well-known that unstructured data silos are available in abundance within the systems of an organization. The real challenge lies not in the collation of data, but in making it really useful. Enterprises have been considering the adoption of big data analytics to deliver value and identify meaningful action. (more…)

Thursday, 03 December 2020 / Published in Big Data

Do you realize how much data is floating on the digital medium today? The fact is that social media, online transactions, GPS enabled data from personal devices, customer enrollments, feedback systems, digital sensors – all are uploading data to the web!

So far so good, but what’s the use of data, if it cannot be useful enough? This form of data is not ‘one size fits all’. Imagine how many types of database schemas will be designed to store the various types of data. Can there be a generic template defined for say video clips of varying lengths and specifications? (more…)