A secured Internet of Things (IoT) channel stays a challenge

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A secured Internet of Things IoT channel stays a challenge

More than half a billion devices are expected to go online soon. Securing this vast mesh of connected devices will encourage more temptation for illegitimate access and data theft. Internet of Things is no more awaited and has businesses adopting it already. It’s high time now that security has its say on the budget.
Before hiring a security expert, understand the following.


Establish an Exclusive Network

Your ‘Internet of Things’ string is more vulnerable to cyber threats in a shared network. It becomes easier for the hackers to crawl to your devices through other mediums. Get an exclusive network for your IoT setup. It will resolve most issues. Network segmentation can have a significant benefit.

Difficult password is more than necessary

There is a reason when websites urge for a tough password. Passwords are one hacker friendly tool if not taken seriously. Avoid using common combinations of names, letters, etc. Get a complex combination of letters, special characters and numbers that don’t make any literal sense.

‘John@123’ can be easily decoded but ‘vrtnmd@-_2w34’ can’t be. Note the difference. Also, have different passwords for all devices. This will add more layers to security.

Automated Backup, always!

When ‘iCloud’ tells you to enable automatic backup of data, it has a deeper understanding of potential risks which you don’t anticipate. So better adhere to it. In case you lose a device, cloud backup lets you access all data on alternate devices and clean everything on the lost device. Before a stranger gets hands on to sensitive business data, act wisely.

Lesser devices, leaner network

Lesser devices is the key to safe play at getting the best out of your ‘IOT’ channel. Use devices according to the requirement and avoid adding more just for the sake of it. Subsequently, expose your IoT system to minimum networks. Disconnect devices when not in use and ask for a selective enabling / disabling of devices in the IoT network. Not everything has to be connected every time.

Get Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) on priority

A SSL certificate defines data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key and Deep Packet Inspection lets you decrypt this communication. For a better assurance of confidentiality, critical data sets leaving the network can be checked upon. Unlike home users, IoT channel of business importance will benefit from it.

And define your data capturing approach

It takes time but predefining what data would be captured and exchanged amongst what devices will have a more impactful privacy statement.


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