Workforce Enterprise

An integrated way to manage your workforce.

Innovations standardize the present day workforce activities. It not only provides competitive benefits but also improves overall business efficiency. Baryons delivers the industry’s most comprehensive HRMS solution—the Workforce Enterprise.

”It is a one-stop Solution to your employee engagement needs”

Built on years of workforce management experience, Workforce Enterprise solution ensures that you achieve maximum performance by aligning your workforce with your business goals. This fully integrated solution includes all aspects of the employee life-cycle ranging from Attendance, Leave, Productivity, Performance/Appraisal, C&B, and Payroll all in one application.

The solution comes with several out-of-the box reports, and the robust reporting model allows your enterprise to build any reports that are needed for a smooth operation. The solution comes with an Intranet Portal with Social Features, which serves a gateway to the HR Portal. It delivers a customized user experience to your existing applications, content, process documentation, configuration and extensibility to meet 100% of your organizations requirements.

Major Benefits For Organizations To Adopt Workforce Enterprise

Workforce enterprise solution is the one stop solution provided at Baryons.

Workforce enterprise is an integrated way to manage your workforce.

Lowered Cost and Improve efficiency

A unified solution that improves efficiency and effectiveness as it covers all HR processes, lowers the labor costs, and is highly suitable for the needs of service organizations of any size.

Reduced Complexity

A simple and affordable strategic Workforce management system for organizations that needs a low-complex easy-to-implement solution.

Improved Accuracy

Helps organizations improve their workforce accuracy and streamline their information practices.

Reduced Administrative Overhead

Improves corporate compliance, standardize employee self service, and reduce company-wide operational costs.

Workforce Appraisal Features

Offers a wide range of features designed specifically for transparent performance management.

Online Retention of HR Records

Collect and manage all aspects of employee time and labor activities online including: Attendance Information, Employee Scheduling, Labor and Job Allocation, Benefits, Accruals, and more!

Employee Engagement Portal

Workforce Enterprise comes with a social collaboration portal for employees that supports virtual teaming, employee interactions and informal knowledge management.

Baryons delivers the industry’s most comprehensive HRMS solution.