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E-Book Publishing

Reach out to a wider reader-base via E-Book & Save paper with Baryons' e-book publishing application.

In this internet age, it’s an imperative now for publishers to deploy online distribution strategies for their content in E-Book format. Baryons offers E-Book Publishing toolkit for creating online libraries out of your owned E-Book content. The toolkit allows building solutions that support PDF & ePUB publication on pay per view or subscription basis.

The solution supports both ‘in-browser’ reading and downloaded eBooks, creation of online libraries and bookshelves. Content protection for piracy control of licensed content is a core feature. Provides support for a great reading experience on a large number of devices including iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and Kindle.

Outsourcing E books publishing portal

Key Features Include

Support for the primary eBook formats such as PDF and ePUB.

In-browser rendering of eBooks, without download.

Strong piracy protection for online reading solution.

Compatible with all leading mobile browsers.

Some Key Features

Baryons supports for the primary eBook formats such as PDF and ePUB.

Support for downloadable eBook distribution.

Content licensing and expiry for downloadable eBooks

Strong piracy protection for downloadable eBooks


Choice of in browser rendering and content licensing technologies to suit your exact needs

Sell own content or 3rd party content over the platform

Quickest way to build an internet grade eBook publisher

DRM and Piracy Control features and services available for protection of your digital content

Customizations and custom development services available to fill your specific requirements for building your publishing platform.

Content conversion services available to convert content from paper format to eBook format for online consumption

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