5 compelling reasons why Staff Augmentation still rules

Staff Agu

Tightly scheduled implementation, new business opportunity and the HR is not so cool with IT understanding makes alternatives necessary. Getting resources at the 11th hour to kill delays sounds magical and that’s what Staff Augmentation does. Getting domain specific people on demand can sustain your claims for continuous workforce provision and may extend project association scope.

Besides entirely complementing the sills of an employee, Staff Augmentation results into greater ROI through the following –

1. No need to train new people
The run time skills needed in IT consulting can get extremely unpredictable. While you may not have the required resources, training your people at the earliest may lack quality. Outsource the task to professionals in the skill set; share the burden and focus on other significant areas.

2. Cut down on Infrastructure cost
Get the most out of managed services by outsourcing infrastructure set up and management for projects of longer duration. This coupled with hired resources help you manage the proceedings remotely without worrying about the costing.

3. Lesser risk
Managed Services via augmented staff are best defined by selective outsourcing. You need not handle over everything to your vendor. This helps mitigate risk since you get to keep authoritative roles and monitor the progress as you want it to.

4. Check Attrition
More than half of IT employees in the market are always up for changing their employers. This is a scary fact for critical projects. Managed Services model lets you wall off the attrition worries by letting your vendor manage HR grievances.

5. Focused resources
Workforce hired for a specific project gets encouraged for performing optimally so that the company extends their contract towards other lucrative opportunities. This brings in precision and meeting stringent deadlines.

Executed closely with Managed services model, Staff Augmentation brings finely tuned talent to the team and actually questions the need for on bench full time employees.

While IT companies are fast transforming into Consulting setups, more focus on Staff Augmentation could be a significant step.