5 impactful e-commerce trends in 2016 – A quick run through

e-commerce trends in 2016

More than 50% of online buyers have steered their preference for super rich experience than crawling for cheaper products.  E-commerce development is maturing into a critical task at hand, raising end user expectation for more transparency and authenticity bestowed.  The biggest of brands want to sell online with exclusive features and customer satisfaction.

This hints for more focus on portal improvisation and an exciting 2016 for e-commerce.

Here’s what the smartest minds in the business have begun working on –  
1. CRM Analytics
The best CRM systems allow seamless integration with your site. Automated capturing of real time user activity; time spent on browsing an item, number of visits vs. purchases, feedbacks and reviews return value and many significantly. Accurate analysis means better decision making

2. Mobility
Shoppers have admitted a better opinion of a brand on mobile. Nothing could drive compulsive shopping more spontaneously than 4 easy taps on an app loading in less than 3 seconds. The biggest brands have their money riding high here.

3. The Social Selling
Adding much to the average user promoting you across social networks, you can sell directly with the plugins right there on your brand page. You deserve rocket sales if already implemented!

4. Visitor above visits
Converting every visitor into potential lead has replaced betting on total number of visits. Contextual shopping is the rage where a customer is fed with updates and offers relative to his previous search or purchase.

5. Rich Content 
Stunning HD pictures and arresting tag lines have compelled users to browse more. This also pitches for highlighted brand value and product features. Stuffing the page with hundreds of products to scroll down; not cool, right?

Extra Tip: The digital Wallet

Digital wallets cut down on the entire cycle of validations, OTPs, multiple logins etc.; to single tap pay. Get at least 3 leading digital wallets in payment choices. Users will rely more as these wallets will offer interest on the money reconciled.

To prosper, experiment with your forecast instinct. Demand more from your e-commerce developer.
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