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They say the only constant or absolute is the Change, happening continuously. We all love to roll with it, to ride on it, or try to control it, depending on how comfortable we are with the pace of it.

This is evidently truer, in case of Technology and the skill based businesses and vocations, more pertinent and apt for our industry i.e. Information Technology which thrives on the high pace of change and dynamism involved, spread all around from Hardware to Software, from captive IT infrastructure to on demand cloud i.e. the virtualization of Processing and Storage, from Products to Services, from Time & Material to AGILE Engagements, from Capability Maturity Models to AI/ML empowered evolving Process and Practice and so on.

We are witnessing the massive shifts in accessibility of IT and huge computing power unleashed with the wide spread of social media, hand held devices including smart phones. There is a massive explosion of data being exchanged and consumed mainly in the form of normal human interactions involving audio, video and text conversations in all sphere of working and personal life.

Against the backdrop, I see huge opportunities on the horizon for everyone. We need to embrace this rapid change with utmost positivity, huge faith, tremendous preparation, but most importantly changing the outlook if needed i.e. submitting our mind and soul to continuous discipleship and learning, seeking the knowledge and skill with an insatiable intellectual hunger feeding to our personal growth in particular, growing the knowledge and skill base in general of our milieu.

How do we approach the perceived chaos, prevailing? My view is to accept it and learn to swim with the tide, with calmness, by being observant and alert, working on the growth in small, sure and discreet steps forward, consolidating our gains slowly, not announce our arrival in hurry but let the world discover, gradually, and all along be sure of the great tomorrow ahead of us waiting in full glory, which we are building together, one day to tell the story of the making of Baryons.

I hope that I am clear and objective in my thoughts, in case you are lost in my words, please feel free to write or get in conversation.

With thanks to all, for being great companions.


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