Convenience at your fingertips Digital Lab Reports (Dlabs)

Diagnostic laboratories are playing an important role in bridging the gap between the patient and the doctor, by providing multiple diagnostic services under a single roof. However, we still hear many patients complain about the whole process. Why? Follow the sequence of steps

1. The patient has to take an appointment, book for the test and wait long hours (on an empty visit our website stomach, sometimes) in lengthy queues.

2. The patient must wait another couple of days for the results and go personally to collect the reports. Sometimes results are misplaced or delayed due to various reasons. The patients must then, take another appointment with the doctor for a follow-up. This procedure is a nightmare for patients who regularly have to undergo lab tests because of the chronic nature of illness.

What if there was an automated software that could eliminate all of these problems and connect the patient, lab technician and doctor?

Baryons software solutions has developed such a software called Digital Lab Reports (Dlabs)

Dlabs helps Diagnostic Labs to connect with patients & doctors online. The web platform allows your prospective clients or patients to find and locate your lab, choose the tests and related services offered with multiple options.

The patients can set up appointments with the preferred doctor. Upon visiting the lab, the patient confirms the tests selected, the same is completed by the lab technician on the platform and the tests are conducted. As the test reports become available, the scanned copy of the same are uploaded in the patient’s account. The patient gets the email alert and can view the reports. The patient can share the test reports with the referred doctor. The patient can be assured of the availability of the tests reports at all times in their account profile.

This is a boon not only for patients, who enjoy better quality of service and less waiting time, but also for laboratories, whose presence is felt beyond the physical boundaries. Its economical and saves time as the patient and the doctors have online access to reports. With Dlabs, patients can book appointments or reschedule appointments without delay. Thus Dlabs makes the technician, the doctor and the patients jobs faster and easier.

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