Selenium A preferred automation testing framework for software quality assurance

In the present time, complexity of websites are increasing rapidly. Hence it is important to implement a wild test on websites to ensure the quality, performance and correct behaviour as per expected goals. This article is written to understand website automation, especially the selenium tool that is used to test web-based applications. Before going into the details, let us first understand, what is a selenium testing tool.

Testing framework -Importance in the release of a software

Automation tool, Selenium has features for capturing the instances / screens during the whole workflow or navigation. So it can be used as a proof for completion of testing, and also we can refer the instances/screens of previous executions if there is any need to refer them.Test reports can be automatically written to a customized report page which will ensure the accuracy of the report and will also improve the look & feel of the report.

The most important advantage of using these tools is - execution speed. Test execution can be completed quickly and we can also execute the scripts without human involvement. So ultimately, the total time needed for testing can be reduced, this will significantly help in ensuring the timely completion of the project.

There may be a requirement of doing some testing at a specific time. This can be easily achieved by putting execution of those automation test scripts in a task scheduler/cron job. Testing framework such as Selenium / QTP supports automation object model to achieve this.

The functional test automation scripts are also useful for doing performance testing as well. Because many performance test frameworks will support reusing/calling of these test scripts. Selenium plays an important role in implementing DevOps. The framework can be used effectively in a continuous build integration, not only for the integration / system testing.

Some type of testing involves comparing large amount of data between previous version and current version as part of regression testing. Practically it may not be possible for doing it manually. This problem can be easily solved by simple shell script.

As the automation test tools support Data Driven Testing, Test execution can be done repeatedly with many different data sets.

Advantages of Testing:

• Automated Software Testing saves time and money

• Increases Your Test Coverage

• Improves Accuracy

• Above all, it removes the monotonous manual testing for the standard test steps, thus reducing human errors


Out of all the testing tools, It is evident that Selenium is one of the best and most preferred automation testing tool for websites. Because of its features and easy to use APIs, Selenium testing suit is becoming the first choice for automation testers to test GUI and functionality of web based application. Unit testing for JavaScript can also be done using Selenium tool.These tools help to automate the test for web based applications. The Selenium test also facilitates the implementation of effective automation test with reduced time and cost to your website project.



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